Room at the Inn

Room at the Inn reveals the log-forgotten histories of British Columbia's early hospitality industry, through the riveting stories of the men and womeb who built, ran, and frequented hotels, hostelries, resorts, and roadhouses in the southern Interior. From the Similkameen town of Keremeos to Spences Bridge at the confluence of the Thompson and Nicola Rivers east to the Alberta border along the Trans-Canada Highway, and south to the Canada-US border, the history of these hotels mirrors that of BC's mining towns and the boom-bust economy of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as waves of prespectors, settlers, and eventually throusits shapped the culture of the province we know  today. Through colourful anecdotes, meticulous research, and archival photography, Room at the Inn transports readers to a bygone era and pays tribute to hard-working pioneers, entrepreneurs, and hoteliers.

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