Banu Tulumenn - Vice President


Photo of Banu Tulumenn


“I started to paint when I was eight years old as an escape from loneliness. That stands true to this day. I am fascinated by colour, texture and try to use different mediums. I present my paintings with another passion of mine, interior design. I am an abstract painter, creating abstract Art and Design,” Banu Tulumen wrote on her website. Originally from Turkey, Banu was one of the pioneers in the field of conference organization in Turkey. She founded Eksel, the first of its kind to offer secretarial and office services to businesses. She is also the author and illustrator of three children’s books and is establishing herself as a writer of adult fiction. “My first novel, “Coincidences & Consequences” is under publication,” Banu said.

She was a Rotarian for over 20 years of service and is presently retired.