Sarah Hope & Sara Wiens

Sarah Hope is interested in how humans feel compelled to leave a permanent mark on the earth. Her work focuses on the beauty of impermanence and often highlights environmental themes such as the importance of water, biodiversity and pollinators. As a beekeeper, she is keenly interested in the interactions of humans and bees and has recently turned her attention to the plight of native pollinators.

Her rencent work uses foraged and recycled materials in an experimental way to represent the purse emotions related to grief, lsos and change. She created pigments from rock and bone for permanence and makes paper and plant-based links for the ability to portray volnerability and qualities that change over time. Sara believes art does not have to be archival to contribute to society in a meaningful and impactful way.

Mediums and Techniques
Handmade paper, acrylic paint on canvas, oil on canvas, handmade pigments from natural materials, and plant-based inks to convey concepts of impermanence





Sara Wiens is an artist currently based in Salmon Arm who works in oil, acxrylic and mixed media. She has her BA in Studio Arts and a Bachelor of Arts education from UBC Vancouver.

She has shown her work at various galleries in her home province of British Columbia including at the Ferry Building (West Vancouver), Place Des ARts (Coquitlam), Gallery Vertigo (Vernon) and the Salmon Arm Arts Centre. Sara has taught art for many years in the private and public school system. Her contributions to art in her community include a public mural project in the summer of 2020.

Mediums and Techniques
MIxed media paintings on canvas, board or paper. Layers of paint and other media represent the generations of bees that interact with and affect the landscape.