Jean Evanishen

The process of creating art is more important to me than the end product. During my career as a teacher and school counsellor, I observed the calming effects of creativity which engaged children while they were creating art, be it visual or three-dimensional, or even musical, for that matter.  Later, as an adult education facilitator, I saw that the creative urge was universal.  Indeed, as the caves of Lascaux attest, the creative urge has inspired and motivated humankind for thousands of years.

The language of art is universal, whether it be architecture, furniture design, dance, theatre, music, paintings, sculpture, film, animation and so on.  We don't have to speak the language to be moved, inspired, or even offended by art in all its manifestations.  I believe in the power of art to stimulate our consciousness and soothe our souls.

The processes involved in creating art takes us out of the world around us.  Time stands still.  There is no yesterday and no tomorrow.  We focus on the here and now. The end product is not as important as the act of creating or expressing our feelings. Fashioning useful and decorative objects out of clay gives me a connection to my spiritual self.  It's not the product, but the process. If others, however, like and appreciate my work, that's a bonus.

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