Exploring Fusions in Wax


Canwax West is a group of artists who paint with pigmented beeswax. This is known as Encaustic art. Encaustic means to burn in and is an ancient art form that dates back as long as 3000 years ago! Wax medium is melted and applied to a variety of substrates using different techniques and utensils specific to painting with beeswax. There is a small iron similar to a travel iron and a stylus, which has different attachments that can be used like a pen for finer detail work. Canwax West also made us of a pancake griddle for melting the wax in containers. Using heat proof brushes to paint with, a heat gun fuses each layer of wax together producing vivid, translucent colours and the wonderful aroma of beeswax fills the room. Each artist approaches the art form f4rom a different perspective. Many artists are happy to share their knowledge and styles. This is what Canwax West was created for.

The SCAC is excited to present "Exploring Fusions in Wax' featuring gorgeous works by the talented artists of Canwax West. The socially distanced Opening Reception is on Thursday, October 1st from 7 - 9 pm. There will be a maximum of 20 people allowed in the Summerland Arts & Cultural Centre at a time, with a maximum of 6 people in the Gallery at one time. Runs until November 14th.