Cheryl Mitten - Featured Artist of the Month October 2020

Summerland fibre artist Cheryl Mitten


Cheryl Mitten was born in the former Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe) and later moved to South Africa where she grew up. In 1998 she fulfilled her dream to immigrate to British Columbia and become a Canadian citizen. Since she grew up with little in the way of material things when she was a child, Cheryl learned to draw inspiration from every imaginable item around her and saw potential in other uses for items and to turn them into functional and wearable art pieces. 

Finally after many years of bridled restraint in the workforce, Cheryl concluded that her full potential could only be realised if she left mundane employment behind for a life filled with creativity and design. So it was only natural for her to start her own ceramic and craft studio in 2012 to help others find their own form of creativity. 

As Cheryl was passionate about the creativity which flows from inspiration to design she chose to expand her creativity beyond ceramics by including her primary love of creating functional wearable art such as hand painted and dyed silk scarves, sarongs, wraps and decorative cushions. Her creations are able to be worn in everyday casual fashion or for special functions when you want to look your best. Or you may be looking for that special piece of fused glass art to show off to your friends and family. She specializes in creating gold and silver leafed embossed decorative and functional glass platters as well as personal slightly vintage inspired unusual pieces of jewelry made of 99.9% copper, silver and fresh pearls, which are in some cases up-cycled or found objects.  Try out her hand rolled soaps, natural bath bombs and bath salts to pamper yourself or a special somebody.

Cheryl would like to thank you for supporting the local Artists at Summerland Arts and hope you experience the same joy that she has had creating and making it to you, the customer. Please feel free to come into the Art Gallery during normal business hours.