2022 Light Up The Arts Exhibitor's Package

2022 Light Up the Arts Art & Gift Sale Exhibitor's Package Overview

Light Up the Arts is a juried art and gift sale of fresh work and original handmade gift items, including local interest books, approved food items, soaps, jewelry and small fine art prints and cards. This event is a retail opportunity for SCAC members and a gift-buying opportunity for the public.

All information can be submitted electronically. We also have forms that can be downloaded and printed by you, and they will be available at the Summerland Community Arts Centre as well, but we encourage you to use the online process. We also encourage you to get your information to us as soon as possible so that we can assist you if necessary.

Our policies are on the forms, but we have them here as well for your convenience:

  • Prices are set by the exhibitor. The SCAC does not collect sales tax. If artists wish to collect sales tax, it must be included within the price of the item.
  • A sales commission of 25% is applied to all items sold and you must be a current SCAC member to exhibit.
  • Each exhibitor is asked to staff the sale for two 3-hour shifts. You’ll be operating the inventory system to process sales and will be shown how to use it. It’s a very user-friendly system and easy to learn. 
  • Copies or plagiarized work cannot be exhibited, nor can any work made from commercial kits or patterns, or work done in classes or workshops based on non-copyright free images. Used or shopworn items will not be accepted.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for any problems arising from poor workmanship. The SCAC does not insure exhibitors’ work in the event of theft or breakage.  All insurance is the responsibility of the exhibitor. 
  • SCAC will ensure fair placement of work. The gift sale chairperson or representative will display all items at the sale’s outset and all items added during the sale. Wall space limitations dictate a maximum of 2 large (over 20” one side) or 4 small hanging works per exhibitor, (not including small items such as ornaments). Sold items may be replaced.
  • Exhibitors who have not previously participated in Light Up the Arts must submit their work by email for jurying by Friday, October 21st. Email your completed registration form and signed agreement to admin@summerlandarts.com along with 3 good quality jpgs of each piece you would like to submit.
  • All other submissions must be uploaded or delivered to the SCAC by Friday, October 28.
  • All products are subject to review and acceptance.
  • We ask you to use your social media and email to promote this great sale to your family, friends and contacts.  It makes a difference!
  • Ensure your SCAC membership is current. You can renew or purchase a membership online.

You can download and print a copy of the above information here:

2022 Light Up the Arts Exhibitor's Package

Electronic Submission

To upload your registration please use this participant registration form. Clicking the link takes you directly to the form. Once it's been submitted you won't have to drop off your registration at the office.

You can upload your products using this product submission form. This link takes you directly to an upload form for a single product. You can add options such as size, colour, flavour, etc. in the notes section. You can only upload one product at a time. If you have more than one product you can get a fresh form by clicking "refresh" after submitting your first product, or by clicking the link again.

In-Person Submission

If you're not comfortable with uploading your registration, please download this printable registration form. This must be received by the SCAC by Friday, October 28. This is not a form you can fill out on the computer so please print legibly. If we can't read your form your registration will be rejected.

2022 Light Up the Arts Exhibitor's Registration

You can also use this printable product form  to submit your products. Please note this form is legal size and your printer will have to accommodate that format. This is not a form you can fill out on the computer so please print legibly. If we can't read your form your submission will be rejected. 

2022 Light Up the Arts Product Form (legal size)

Hard copies of both forms are available at the Summerland Community Arts Council. 

Previous exhibitors must mail or deliver their information to the SCAC by Friday, October 28.

If you have any questions please contact Laurie at info@summerlandarts.com or Sonja at admin@summerlandarts.com or 250-328-3401.

Please use the Light Up the Arts volunteer schedule at the Arts Centre to sign up for two 3-hours shifts in December. Please try to fill weekend shifts first. One person is required per shift except Saturdays, where two people are needed. Please see the calendar on page 3 of the download for dates and times volunteers are needed. 

Deliver your work to the Arts Centre with your label affixed to your work(s) at your scheduled time the week of November 7th.  Please advise the Administrator if you remove or add items during the sale so we can update the inventory in the system.

We look forward to everyone's submissions, and to a successful 2022 Light up the Arts show and sale!