2022 Gallery Shows

We are pleased to announce our 2022 gallery shows! 


Linda Lovisa: Roots, Resilience, Rejuvination

January 13th – February 24th

Linda challenges herself to give trees a voice; telling a story. Her artwork speaks to anyone who loves the forest and to those who wish to explore it further.


Jenny Lewis: It’s a Colourful World

March 3rd – April 14th

Abstract art allows Jenny to imagine and create without any predefined outcome in mind. Driven by a sense of wonder, growth and endless possibilities, her desire is to create colourful artworks that reflects the search for harmony in life under ever changing circumstances.




Karen Cummings: Finding Ones Way

April 21st – June 3rd

Karen creates dynamic work that promises to evoke your curiosity. Her work is about wayfinding. Being engaged until the plan is revealed. She believes seeing beauty is the meaning of life.




Brenda Maunders: The Progress of a Portraitist

June 9th – July 22nd

While the classical technique is demanding and painstaking, requiring hundreds of hours for each portrait, Brenda has come to realize that nothing else produces such a vivid sense of an individual’s unique bearing and character.



Diane Walters: Dying into Becoming

July 28th – September 9th

Diane's 2021 show in our temporary space at Summerland's Municipal Hall didn't reveal the depth and breadth of her work, so she's been invited back for another exhibition. Her goal is to begin a conversation: How do we see change as an evolutionary process and how do we see our landscape as alive? How can we imagine, and be inspired by viewing the landscape as a feminine presence, one that nourishes and nurtures our culture in an appreciation and love for our home?




Carl Stanley: Surreal: The Hidden Serenity

September 15th – October 28th

Nature is a powerful force. It’s not just the beauty of nature that compels Carl to venture into the backcountry, but it’s the forces of nature that draw him out into the forests, the mountains and the beaches with his camera equipment to create his own unique images. Weather is what truly makes nature interesting and he uses the weather as a tool to create surreal fine art photography that gives a special glimpse of what the naked eye cannot. By simply giving hints of landscapes in the background, his photography portrays a sense of mystery and gives the viewer a little more to think about, rather than simply “where was this taken?”