Welcome to the Summerland Community Arts Council

The Summerland Community Arts Council sent the following questions to all the candidates running for Summerland Council. We will be posting the questions and responses on our website http://summerlandarts.com  and on http://facebook.com/SummerlandArts  so that people of Summerland can read their comments and ideas regarding Arts & Culture in our community.

We encourage you to discuss and share these questions with others as we would like to create a community dialogue on the value of the arts in Summerland as we work towards a permanent home for the Summerland Arts Centre.

We have asked the candidates to respond to these questions by Monday, November 3rd.

  • What do you believe are the most important cultural assets in Summerland?
  • What makes Summerland culturally distinct and what would you like to see done to promote and enhance Summerland’s cultural identity?
  • Municipal arts funding is often key to maintaining a thriving creative cultural community, attractive to residents and tourists alike.  Do you agree or disagree?
  • Many towns and cities have a per capita funding formula for arts and culture. Do you think this is a good idea, or do you have other ideas for approaching the issue of municipal arts funding in Summerland?
  • Arts and culture are a key part of the tourism industry, and the economic impact of cultural tourism is substantial.  Since cultural tourists tend to spend more and stay longer, do you think that a portion of the funding used to promote tourism should be controlled by an Arts and Culture umbrella organization?

Click here for Candidate Responses and information on All Candidate Forums and Voting times.

On now:


Magic Light, An Interplay of Light, Shade and Colour – paintings by Doug Wilson.

The show runs until November 15.  Art Gallery hours are 10am-4pm


Arts Centre - 9908 Main Street

9908 Main Street, Summerland


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