Nada Hildebrand

Nada Hildebrand who joined the board in spring 2021, has been an active resident of Summerland since 2002, volunteering on several community  committees and providing support for many school functions which have included: Lekhi Public Art Project; Summerland GoByBike Fall and Spring Events; Summerland Ornamental Gardens Events; Summerland Climate Action Committee; Summerland Parks and Recreation Commission; Trout Creek Elementary Aboriginal Culture Days;  TC Environmental Club; and, OSCA Meadowlark Festival Registration and Safety Committees.

Nada brings a diverse educational background which includes studies in Recreation Administration, Program Planning for Adult Learners, Library and Information Technology, Business Administration, Cold Climate Viticulture, GIS (digital mapping), and several community building webinars. During her graduate studies at Pennsylvania State University, she completed an arts-based project titled “The Art & Soul of Theatre” to serve as a programming template for community arts administration. Her work experiences in various administrative roles at post-secondary campuses and other non-profit organizations, have formed her excellent collaborative skills, strong customer service ethic, and commitment to lifelong learning.

Raised in a Croatian household, she was shaped by folk roots music, language, needlework, culinary delights, and cultural customs such as folk dancing. Attending multicultural folk festivals is one of her favourite memories which continues to shape her ongoing appreciation for multicultural arts and events.

“Art gives us opportunities to engage in learning about ourselves and about our surroundings, inviting valuable dialogue. I believe that art contributes to the building blocks of character and culture. All are welcome to join the conversation, as artist, artisan, or spectator,” Nada said.