It's A Colourful World



We are excited to welcome Jenny Lewis as our second gallery show of 2022!


Jenny has always been deeply creative, although life’s practicalities led her to a professional career in teaching, facilitation, and coaching. Jenny enrolled in private art lessons and courses at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, in Vancouver, B.C. to develop her skills as an artist. What started as a hobby took off once people saw her works, encouraging her to transition to visual arts full time. Today she has transferred her talent of connecting with audiences by creating colourful abstract paintings working in acrylic, watercolors, ink and mixed media. Each piece captures a ‘moment in time’ that is an expression of who she is through her composition of colour and textures. Jenny’s years of experience as an artist and sense of curiosity have allowed her to explore and evolve her skills. She has exhibited in group and solo shows in the Vancouver area, and her artworks are in the homes of collectors in Canada and the U.S. Jenny continues to work on developing her portfolio and technique while painting privately in her home studio. She now lives in beautiful Summerland, B.C. exhibiting her work, offering private lessons, and creating commission artworks. 






Abstract art allows me to imagine and create without any predefined outcome in mind. Driven by a sense of wonder, growth and endless possibilities, my desire is to create colourful artworks that reflect the search for harmony in life under ever changing circumstances. I do not begin with a defined outcome or goal. Each piece tells me what it needs to grow and speaks to me again when it is complete. Some of my most memorable pieces happen through experimentation and by chance - allowing me to step aside and take a different perspective and grow in the process. The versatility of acrylics allows me to utilize different mixed media on canvas or wood without limitation. The flexibility inspires me to blend colours, merge texture and infuse stone. The integration of different materials and the development of the painting itself is experimental, yet purposeful. My pieces are open to interpretation, as each of you will react and reflect on your life journey in different ways. The meanings and purpose changing according to the minds, bodies and hearts who see them. My hope is that you experience joy and harmony when viewing my artwork. Please note the paintings submitted are all currently for sale. If I’m selected to exhibit for you, and a painting submitted is sold by the time of the exhibit, a replacement will be chosen as I continually work in these styles.


Jenny Lewis, It's a Colourful World
March 3rd to April 15th, 2022
Reception March 3rd 7-9pm