by | Jul 8, 2019

Razzmatazz is our newest gallery show by members of the Summerland Art Club. This vibrant gallery show pushes the boundaries of colour and style!
The 40 members of the Summerland Art Club inspire and support each other weekly to try new and different genres and techniques. A typical Wednesday, 9 am to 3 pm finds the lower level of the Arts Centre literally humming with creativity.
President Greta Loeppky says, “Razzmatazz is our club challenging itself to get out of our comfort zones and try something a little wild and crazy. While many of our members are watercolour or acrylic painters, we also have members delving into oils, pointillism, ink pouring, multi-textured abstracts and collage, among countless areas.”

Razzmatazz runs until August 16th.