Story Catcher - One Day Guided Autobiography Workshop

Story Catcher - One Day Guided Autobiography Workshop

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Have you tried to write your life story only to get overwhelmed? The unfinished work floats around your desk, on your computer, or gets lost in a drawer of papers. You keep meaning to get back to it, but you never do. Using a method called Guided Autobiography, you will be guided through exercises designed to stimulate your memory and encourage your creative self. 
We’ll start off with an introduction to writing your life story, two pages at a time, and you’ll get the chance to try it out in this all day session. You will be given some basics about writing, a theme to write on and priming questions to get your memories flowing.

At the end of the workshop you will have learned some tricks to prime your memories and have a new completed written theme for your autobiography. The day long class will kickstart your writing so you can continue on your own or prep you to attend a more advanced six week Guided Autobiography session.

Please bring an object for show and tell: a photo, a special piece of jewelry, a medal or award--anything that holds a good memory for you. Be prepared to tell us about this special object in a few sentences. Instructor Leigh Morrow will send a welcome email to students including a Zoom link, and your first autobiography assignment which will be shared during the class.  

We will take a one hour break, and two quick stretch your leg breaks through out the day.

Leigh Morrow is a certified teacher of Guided Autobiography from The Birren Institute for Autobiographical Studies in California. Leigh has spent her career helping people tell their stories as an investigative reporter for both radio and television for nearly three decades. 

Date:  Saturday, November 28 2020

Time:  9:00 - 5:00

Cost:  $149.00

Note:  Class size limited to 15.  This course will be conducted online via Zoom, a computer and internet connection are necessary to participate.

For all Story Catcher Workshop attendees, we will be offering a $50.00 credit towards the full six week Guided Autobiography sessions that start in the new year.