Just a Kid

Just a Kid is the recipient of the 2020 Skipping Stone Honor Award and has been nominated for 19th Annual (2020/2021) Chocolate Lily Award, which is a BC kid's readers' choice award.  

One morning, Meerin Hoy looks out her window toward Carson's Field.  There, to her shock, stand two big development signs, for sure spelling the end to her community's favourite park.  Now where will the kids play?  And what will happen to all the trees and the animals and the stream?

Fortunately, nine-year-old Meerin is no ordinary girl.  She is determined to act, especially after the mayor dismisses her as "just a kid."

Inspired by the advocacy of Greta Thunberg, the Nova Scotian teens who spearheaded the pink shirt campaign against bullying, and many others, this timely novel will help young reader discover the possibilities of influencing the adult world, even when it seems no one wants to listen.

Suitable for children ages 7 - 9.

Author:  Rie Charles


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