Coincidences & Consequences

Willow is a recently divorced woman of fifth-three. She believes she is too old to find love again, but then she meets Alan. Sparks fly between them, and Willow thinkgs that they have the potential for a loving relationship - when it turns out that Alan has been hiding something crucial from her. Distraught and betrayed, she tells him never to speak to her again.

Alan respects her request and ceases to communicate with her. It's not until twelve years later that they meet again by "coincidence" - in reality, it was a chance meeting crafted by mutual friends of theirs. But Willow is not the same woman she was twelve years before, having gone through an abusive marriage ending with the death of her second husband.. And Alan himself has changed too, now a widower of ten years.

For so long, Willow has believed herself unlovable; too old, too vulnerable, too much of a burden. But after meeting Alan again after all these years, chemistry is brewing between them once again. Now, Alan is looking for a second chance to make things right. And maybe, after all this time, Willow is looking for a second chance to prove she can love herself too.

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