Rie Charles - Featured Artist of the Month July 2020


Rie Charles was born in Summerland but spent the majority of her life in other parts of Canada and the world, including Great Britain, the Netherlands and Australia, until returning in 2006.

Over the years she developed an abiding interest in people, their underlying similarities, and their intriguing differences. She holds a B.A in Anthropology and a Masters in Social Work and has worked with disadvantaged children, as a co-facilitator of groups for abused women and in palliative care.  Her most important and fascinating job, however, has been raising her two children to be thoughtful and caring individuals.

When not playing the harp or walking or working in her veggie garden, Rie has several manuscripts on the go — editing a final draft of one, creating another on the computer and dreaming the next. Why children's books? First, because the stories run around in her head, unbidden. And second, because through them she hopes to stimulate in young people that same passion she has for reading and imagining. In 2005 she graduated from the Institute of Children's Literature.

Rie is the author of three published novels for young people: No More Dragons (Napoleon 2010) which won an Ontario Library Association's Best Bet award, A Hole in My Heart (Dundurn 2014) and Just A Kid, (Red Deer Press 2019), which received a 2020 Skipping Stone Honor Award. She also contributed the text on a children's picture book Tattoo - The Painted Horse (2015).

Just a Kid has been nominated for 19th Annual (2020/2021) Chocolate Lily Award, which is a BC kid's readers' choice award. Congratulations on the nomination!