Jenny Lewis - Member at Large


Photo of Jenny Lewis in her studio


“When I was a child, I was told to stick to sports as I couldn’t stay in the lines when colouring. I thought I didn’t have a creative bone in my body which led me to a career in the corporate work conforming to others ‘expectations'. I felt stifled, under pressure and unfulfilled. Mid-life, I took the plunge and switched careers. I discovered abstract art: it immediately brought me in touch with my creative side and the joy of ‘freedom to experiment’ with no defined outcomes,”
Jenny Lewis said.

Today, Jenny creates colourful abstract paintings working in acrylic, watercolors, ink, and mixed media. Each piece captures a ‘moment in time’ that is an expression of who she is through her composition of colour and textures. Her sense of curiosity drives her to explore and evolve her skills.

“My hope is that by sharing my art, I can help someone else keep the faith in finding the career that will bring the same sense of joy for them.”