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Don’t miss a single Summerland Art Gallery opening. They’re always good. Meet your friends, make a few new ones, meet the artist(s), ask about the pieces and learn about the art. Sip wine and enjoy good company in a vibrant and creative atmosphere.

Show Schedule

February 7th to March 22nd ~ Budding Artists ~ This delightful work comes from five art classes from Grades 3-5 in the Giants Head School in Summerland. Enjoy their fresh, colourful perspective and their willingness to take creative chances. Art helps students (and all of us) grown emotionally by allowing us to try new things, manage risks and handle failure.

March 28th to May 10th ~ The Rehearsal: Rick Gray ~ For this show, Rick Gray, a Summerland photographer, presents 37 stunning photographs of Ballet Kelowna rehearsals. Rick Gray specializes in portraiture and portraiture essays. For years, his abiding and keen interest in the complexity of people and their issues found expression through work as a psychiatric social worker at the Family Court Clinic at the Royal Ottawa Hospital in Ottawa. His passion is black and white photography, because of its mood, simplicity and drama. Though he shot traditional black and white film for years, he has embraced digital camera technology as well. He feels immensely privileged to have the opportunity to photograph the stunning artistry of Ballet Kelowna. His website is

May 16th to June 27th ~ Atomic Rays and Scattered Light: Howard Roo & Tova Main ~ This is a unique combined show of avant garde sculpture and abstract painting. Howard Roo is a welder, fabricator and artist from Salmo, BC. The company he owns, Castilian Fountain & Metal is an award-winning business that specializes in ornamental iron and atomic art. Howard says, “I am driven by success and perfection. I truly love what I do, therefore care and pride go into everything I build and create.” Howard is an art lover, a nature lover and an anti-nuclear activist, and he combines these three passions into a unique art form. Tova Main’s inspiration flows from her visual appreciation of the natural world. Vistas, ecosystems and ever changing patterns of light are a constant source of imagination for her. Tova says, “I’m guided by other minds who through philosophy and science have also sought answers to the big questions about existence and the origins of consciousness.”

July 4th to August 16th ~ Razzmatazz: Summerland Art Club ~ The 40 members of the Summerland Art Club inspire and support each other weekly to try new and different genres and techniques. A typical Wednesday, 9 am to 3 pm finds the lower level of the Arts Centre literally humming with creativity. President Greta Loeppky says, “Razzmatazz is our club challenging itself to get our of our comfort zones and try something a little wild and crazy.” While many of our members are water-colour or acrylic painters, we also have members delving into oils, pointillism, ink pouring, multi-textured abstracts and collage, among countless other areas.”

August 22nd to September 27th ~ Inspired By Presents…Mixed and Merged: This show, in conjunction with the Ryga Arts Festival, follows on the huge success of last year’s Inspired By. This year’s show is expanded to include musicians and dancers and artisans of all genres and styles. Local artists, writers, fabric artists, potters… Each participant submits a favourite work they’ve created in the past, to inspire someone else. The submissions are paired randomly among the participants, who go ahead and, inspired by what they receive, create a new painting, dance, song, etc. The gala opening of the show features excited participants meeting each other, sometimes for the first time, comparing notes and stories about what happened and seeing, sometimes with amazement, what new work they inspired someone else to do. Our theme, Mixed and Merged, is a reminder to us of the multi-culturism inherent in George Ryga’s writing. It reflects our increasingly small world, and of how much more we as humans have in common than we have differences. Artists can use any aspect of this theme – beyond multiculturalism, they might think of creative diversity, or diversity in patterns or how cool it is when everything is heading in the same direction except for one thing.

October 3rd to November 15th ~ Ubuntu 5: Lois Campbell, Bonnie Jackson, Sandi Sasges, Holly Smith, Mary Stebbins: Ubuntu, an ancient African term now widely used in South Africa, literally translates as “I am what I am because of who we all are.” It is about community, our interdependence and our humanity. IN the words of Desmond Tutu, “We all belong in a bundle of life.” This group of five women artists from the Vernon, Coldstream and Salmon Arm area of our valley, have come together to create an exhibition celebrating humanity. “In a time of diversity this seems especially important,” the artists say. “We want to create a show that depicts humanity in many different aspects, reflecting our personal views of what it is to be human. This has been influenced by our travel to many areas of the world.” The Ubuntu group incorporates a wide variety of styles and media, including painting in acrylic, watercolour and oil, mixed media, pastel, clay and fibre art.