Gallery Shows

February 10th to March 22nd

This delightful work comes from five art classes from Grades 3 to 5 in the Giant’s Head School in Summerland. Enjoy their fresh, colourful perspective and their willingness to take creative chances. Art helps students (and all of us) grow emotionally by allowing us to try new things, manage risks and handle failure.

Upcoming Gallery Shows

February 7 to March 22 ~ “Budding Artists” ~  Giant’s Head School Student Show ~ This delightful work comes from five art classes from Grades 3-5 in the Giants Head School in Summerland.

March 28 – May 10 ~ “The Rehearsal” featuring photography by Rick Gray: For this show, Rick Gray, a Summerland photographer, presents 37 stunning photographs of Ballet Kelowna rehearsals.  

May 16 – June 27 ~ “Atomic Rays & Scattered Light” by Howard Roo & Tova Main: This is a unique combined show of avant garde sculpture and abstract painting.

July 4 – August 16 ~ “Razzmatazz” – Summerland Art Club: The 40 members of the Summerland Art Club is challenging itself to get our of our comfort zones and try something a little wild and crazy.

August 22 – September 27 ~ “Mixed & Merged” with works by writers, dancers, musicians, visual artists…

October 3 – November 15 ~ “Ubuntu 5” – art by Lois Campbell, Bonnie Jackson, Sandi Sasges, Holly Smith and Mary Stebbins. This group of five women artists from the Vernon, Coldstream and Salmon Art area of our valley have come together to create an exhibition celebrating humanity.

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