Pen & Ink Class

Have you ever wanted to learn the elusive art of drawing with pen and ink? Now is your chance! This class will be split into two 2-hour sessions: 
Session one: students will learn and practice basic techniques including cross-hatch and stippling, and then build these techniques to learn how to create shadow, texture and form.  
Session two: Building on session one, students will develop their skills by drawing an image of their choosing or choose one in class.  Nature works best for learning, but students are free to bring a black and white portrait, a landscape, an image of a pet, etc.  Options can be discussed during the first class.  Students will learn how to sketch out the basic outline of their chosen image and then fill in using the techniques learned in class one.


Dates: Wednesday, February 8 & 15

Time: 7 - 9 pm

Instructor: Trista Bassett

Cost: $100 per student. Pens, paper and other supplies are included.

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