The Heir

The Heir

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Between never knowing my father, a secretive mother, a know-it-all sister, and my habit of falling in love on a regular basis, my life had all the drama I needed.

Now it has become even more complicated; I'm coping with the loss of my sister and her husband. And although I've inherited Alex, their darling eight-month-old son, he comes with some nasty baggage: his snobby uncle Gregory, who's determined to get custody of the nephew we share. Moving Alex back into his family's castle might placate Gregory, but it only adds to the drama: his haughty mother and detestable fiancee just want me gone.

If that wasn't enough trouble, I'm saddled with a guardian fairy...granting wishes? If only. She seems to spend most of her time critiquing my admittedly clumsy attempts at self-improvement with all the subtlety of an obnoxious teen.

Author: Liz Michaels


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