Summerland Shines

Hello everyone!

As social distancing and the closure of businesses continues, we find that people are turning more and more to arts and crafts as comfort and entertainment.  Many people are using their talents to give back as they sew masks and gowns, crotchet or knit slippers, make funny and inspirational memes, or make survival kits for healthcare workers.

Since we don’t have our usual face-to-face outlets, we’re offering our Facebook page as a digital gathering space.  Kind of an online “stitch and b**ch” if you will (even if you don’t stitch, or b**ch).

We’d love it if you would share what you’re doing.  Post your projects! Ask questions if you’re stuck on something (I’m sure going to do this)!  And please, offer advice and encouragement to others that might need a helping hand.

There are a few more things that we're working on, special projects that you can all join in with, to help to shape what our Arts Council does in the near future and the coming years. Now more than ever our volunteers and members are important to us, as we try to chart our way through these uncertain waters. We'll share these projects with you as they are actualized.

Keep an eye on Facebook, on the website, and on your email inbox. We're definitely going to be in touch.

We hope you're all not only inspired to begin your creative adventure, but to help others as they begin theirs.