We’d like to introduce ourselves. We are the Summerland and District Arts Council. Our reason for existence is to promote the arts in Summerland. We believe that arts and culture is good for all of us. Our purpose is to ensure that everyone in Summerland has the chance to view, participate and be around the arts. Everyone is creative, and being creative helps you live a better life!

Who are we? Artists (both professional and amateur), arts groups, culture groups, and people just interested in the arts. Anybody can be an Arts Council member.

What do we do?

  • Advocate for the arts wherever and whenever we can.
  • Act as a voice for the arts in the renovation of the Arts and Culture Centre.
  • Act as a resource centre for artists and arts groups.
  • Provide space for the arts.
  • Run an art gallery with shows six times a year.
  • Run a gift gallery with art from local artists.
  • Produce musical events for the community (Wednesdays in the Park and Friday Night Live)
  • Run a Children’s Art Program in the summer.
  • Run workshops for artists.
  • Run Creative Community Workshops for everyone.
  • Fund-raise to continue our programs.

Did you know . . .

Canadian Arts, Culture and Heritage Participation 2016

Canadian Arts, Culture and Heritage Participation 2016

Check out Members, Volunteers, and Supporters to find out how you can help promote and sustain arts and culture in Summerland!