Philosophers’ Cafés 2017


Upstairs – Summerland Arts Centre
9525 Wharton Street (Old Library Building)
Everyone is Invited ~ Bring a friend or meet friends there!

Philosophers’ Cafés are community events where everyone is invited to be a part of a dialogue about a wide variety of issues in our times.  So whether you just want to sit back and listen or actively participate, please join us for an evening of meaningful conversation while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea with friends!


Coffee, tea and refreshments are available.  For more information contact: Barbara Thorburn, 778-516-4314; Margaret Holler, 250-494-0728 or
Also, visit our Facebook page:


*Ever wonder why “Philosophers’ Café” is “s” apostrophe and not apostrophe “s”?

Philosophers’ Cafés are based on the belief that we all have the capacity to employ philosophic inquiry.  In fact, the classical Greek Philosopher, Socrates, did not believe that he understood any more about humanity than anyone else.  He practiced an open system of philosophy which sought the truth by questioning what we truly know of what we claim.  By engaging in discussions such as, “Is Art in the Eye of the Beholder” or “What does Spirituality Mean in Everyday Life?”, we can examine our own preconceived ideas while being exposed to or challenged by other perspectives – all in a friendly and supportive environment.
So, bring your inquiring mind but leave your dogma at the door!
The Summerland Philosophers’ Cafés are loosely based on Simon Fraser University’s program.  For more information about their program, go here.

**Please note:  Due to unforeseen circumstances changes to our schedule may occur.