20 Minutes Max is our next opening October 1 by the local drawing group: The Group of Six or Seven

20 minutes max_v2

The Group of Six or Seven was founded without name in the fall of 2002. A small group of artists began to meet weekly at the studio of Michael Hermesh to do life drawing together. Camaraderie developed, for along with drawing came random discussions about the state of our exterior and interior worlds, and the nature of creation and creating, backed by a varied selection of music.
The group name was tossed up casually as we put together our first group show in 2006, and has remained, both as descriptive of our average numbers of attendees over the years, and as a joking reference to Canadian art history.
We have served as a consistently informal group (we have conversations while we draw, we play a random selection of music) that welcomes anyone who wishes to put their hand to drawing the human figure. Beginners thrive in the casual atmosphere and are encouraged to keep going at their own pace, and long term artists enjoy the opportunity for interaction with the eclectic mind set of the group. The age range of the group isroughly thirty to eighty. We have welcomed artists in their teens and twenties who are gathering portfolios for art school applications, and casual drop-ins on holiday from other countries.
A few years ago we moved to the Shatford Centre in Penticton, which can accommodate larger numbers of artists, and offers a more central place for people to find us.
We believe that the Group of Six or Seven is the longest running life drawing group in the area due to our consistency in meeting every Wednesday through all seasons, with very few exceptions

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