An Open Letter to our Membership, Volunteers and Gallery Sitters (Volunteers)

A HUGE thank you to all of you.

Where we are right now would not be possible without the contribution, encouragement and endless hours of volunteering and physical work from our incredibly supportive volunteers and membership.  From countless hours spent packing up inventory into boxes, to more hours spent moving boxes and equipment and furniture from the old location to our new location, to the work parties who have organized the space, torn down fixtures, painted walls and generally transformed this new space into an Art Centre in our new location at 9525 Wharton Street.

As with all of our events, and the operation of the Art Centre, we are dependent on the time and volunteer hours that each of you contribute, and have contributed, to help us continue to promote the Arts in Summerland.

We sincerely hope that you will continue to support us in the future and cannot say “thank you” enough, or often enough, to truly demonstrate how much we appreciate you.

We hope that you will drop into the Art Centre to see what we’re up to, what is happening, and if you feel inclined, to continue helping us.  There are so many different areas where your talents can be put to good use.  We’ll look forward to seeing you!

The Board of Directors
Summerland Community Arts Council

Thank you to everyone who helped us move to our new home on Wharton Street:

Betty Cansdale, Jean and Danny Evanishen, Susan Gibbs, Bev Gneo, Maureen King, Rick Grey And Ruthie, Debbie Johnson, Val and Carsten Neilson, Irene Grey, Gordon Dawson, Gwen Redford, Terry and Ruth McPhillamey, Karan and Cameron Bowyer, Kieth Ferlin, Dale Matthews, Jill Pelland, John Topham, Marty, Gillian Stohler, Rebecca Eisner, Peter Hay, Dorothea Atwater, Susan Scott, Pat Scott, Diane Hildebrand, Val McGowan, Gary Raymond.

In the past, The Summerland Art Centre hosted six art exhibitions each year in the Main Art Gallery. Volunteers during those shows answer visitor questions and handle purchase inquiries. Unfortunately, because of the move, the Art Gallery will be reopening on April 6, 2017.  Our Gift Shop is already up and running.

There are many other volunteer positions with the Arts Council. We are always looking for help with events, fundraising, office assistance, decorating, greeting, etc.

Please contact us to see where you might fit in!