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SCAC Member Group shows their handiwork.

SCAC Member Group shows their handiwork.


Earth Week
Group of 6 or 7
Philosophers’ Cafe
Summerland Material Girls
Summerland Art Club
Summerland DeVine Arts
Summerland Museum and Heritage Society
Summerland Pleasure Painters
Summerland Potters Guild
Summerland Singers and Players
Ryga Festival Society
Summerland Scribes
Summerland Stitchers
Studio 5 Drawing Group
Write for the Summer

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  • Ralph Critchlow
  • Barbara Etter
  • David Finnis
  • Linda Geurnsey
  • Joan Lansdell
  • Ruth Manning
  • Helen Poncelet
  • Paul Reinholdt
  • Liz Vietch
  • Anita Perry
  • Stan Etter
  • Susan Gibbs