Media Release: Moving of the Frieze of the Arts

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For Immediate Release

As part of our relocation from the current Arts Centre, which has been our home for sixteen years, the Frieze of the Arts will be disassembled and transferred to our new location on Monday, June 16. The Frieze of the Arts will be re-installed in the new Adams Room at the Art Centre’s new location – 9908 Main Street (formerly Willowbrook Lane).

Fourteen years ago, in May 2000, the newly formed Summerland Potters Guild felt that a depiction of the various aspects of the arts (drawing, painting, sculpting, acting, singing, etc) would be an excellent way of enhancing the front of the new Arts Centre. (The Summerland Community Arts Council having moved into the former municipal hall in May 1998).

Work began on the Frieze in January with Wendy Ferlin, master potter and founding member of the SPG as project manager. Two potters were assigned to each figure, using Ralph Critchlow’s enlarged drawings as templates.   However, it soon became apparent that the figures required a more sculptural treatment and that the entire piece would have a more cohesive look if the figures were finished by one artist. Fortunately the Guild had a sculptor – Michael Hermesh who took on the task.

The Frieze of the Arts was unveiled on September 1, 2001.

Fun Facts about the Frieze:

  • approximately 1000 pounds of clay were used
  • the sculptures had to be completely dry before the first firing (bisquing); this was followed by application of colour using a brown wash containing iron oxide and subsequent firing to give the finished amber tone
  • the figures are mounted on ¾” plywood using a special adhesive; the heavier pieces are reinforced with wood blocks screwed in to the base
  • the amount of hours put into the making of the Frieze – innumerable!


David Finnis
SCAC President



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